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What We Did:

First, let me start off by saying that I love my job. Digital Marketing enables me to help business owners solve their problems when it comes to user experience, ownership, and growth online. For Teca, what they needed was a website that showcased all of their features, and that is exactly what this website does.


Teca's new website allows its customers to view their menu, check out their gallery, make reservations, inquire for events, purchase gift cards, and take virtual tours.


I like to think of making websites as a form of art. and when your business has a lot to offer your website should not be anything short of that. Before I build any website I like to go to the place myself and get a sense of the vibe, and then do everything in my capabilities to bring that same vibe online. That way when customers walk into the business they have a familiar feeling of what the website was able to give them.